Dotson Iron Castings showcased its commitment to leading edge management as it recovered from a potentially catastrophic fire.

Tested by Fire: Dotson Iron Castings Showcased Its Commitment to Leading Edge Management as It Recovered from a Potentially Catastrophic Fire

Denny Dotson got the call late on a Friday night in September 2017. It was the kind of call no business owner ever wants to get.
His foundry was on fire.

Dotson hopped into his car and raced toward the plant. He wasn’t sure what he’d see when he got there, but he wondered as he drove down a dark, southern Minnesota road whether the business he’d worked a lifetime to grow, a business that had given his family everything and meant so much to so many dedicated employees, would still be standing.

Then, another call came.

“The fire chief said they’re pulling all their people back,” Dotson recalls, “and that we’re going to lose the entire building.”

The entire building.

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