The Dotson Difference: Purchase Order to Machined Complete Castings in 5 DAYS!

Dotson helps the large OEM customer avoid a line down situation by delivering machined complete production castings just 5 business days from initial contact.

On June 7th at 11:00 am Dotson received a call from a customer saying they were about to shut down production because of a supplier issue in China. By Friday June 10th the PO’s had been issued and Dotson had all production tooling and machining fixtures built and ready for production. On Tuesday June 14th Dotson delivered machined production castings just 5 days after the initial contact and the customer avoided going a line down. From print to machined complete production castings in just 5 business days.

Dotson Delivers in Tight Spot

Here is what the customer had to say about Dotson’s performance.

“We were in a tight spot.  Lost parts and a major line shutdown looming.  Needless to say this is NOT what a manufacturing manager wants to hear much less during the busy season. We turned to our onshore partner Dotson Iron Casting with four words; We need help NOW. Manufacturing guys speak with data and the data spoke volumes for Dotson Iron Castings capability. From print to finished part; cast, machined, and delivered in one week. I’ll say it again. ONE week from print, to prototype, to finished product, machined and ready to install. Line shutdown averted. End customer protected. Enough said!”

Since this took place Dotson has been named as the primary supplier of the rushed casting. None of this would be possible if not for the careful attention to detail and process that the Dotson team delivers on a daily basis.

Matt Schindle
Sales & Marketing Manager
Dotson Iron Castings

Machined Complete Production Castings