Dotson Iron Castings’ New Analytics Platform | Increased Productivity & Decreased Downtime!

Sinto America is working to improve the manufacturing process with enVision an Industry 4.0 analytics platform. Dotson Iron Castings is one of the first foundries in the United States to apply this technology and see real results.

The platform analyzes the production process step-by-step, providing immediate data and insight to keep the machines running.

Since implementing the Sinto platform, Dotson has achieved improvements in production, downtime, cycle time, visual targets, maintenance scheduling and communication.

Eric Nelson, Vice President Dotson Iron Castings, said “What we found with Sinto is that the ability to understand the equipment is critical and really helps us leverage that data we have. We’ve seen a 10% improvement in our mold productivity and we’ve reduced our preventative maintenance time by 18%, which is a big win, making our techs more efficient.”

Watch the Dotson-Sinto Case Study: