Becoming the World's Most Agile Foundry
  • In-House Machining
  • Employee Owners
  • 10 Day Casting Lead Time
  • Automated Production
  • Employee Owners

Ductile Iron Castings • In-House Machining • Value Added Services • Austempered Ductile Iron

Dotson Iron Castings is a one-stop shop for all of your ductile iron casting, machining, painting and heat treatment needs. Along with value added services, Dotson also offers industry-leading lead times, top notch engineering, and unparalleled customer service. Dotson is employee owned, and the owners are focused on continuous improvement in all areas of the business in order to deliver value and, most importantly, agility to you.

You are always welcome to visit to see for yourself how Dotson is becoming the world's most agile foundry.

The Dotson Difference

Q2 2014:

Casting Lead Time: 10 Days
Quality (PPM): 2,101
On-Time Delivery: 97.7%



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Video: Shorter Lead Times. Better Castings.

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Video: Vertical Integration: Machining, Heat Treatment, and Painting In-House

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Beyond Casting

  • In-House Machining Capabilities
  • Heat Treatment
  • Casting Painting - E-Coat,
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