Sand Expansion

Dotson Sand System Upgrade

Significant Facilities Expansion Good for the Environment

The recent expansion of Dotson’s sand system was a significant undertaking that will have a big impact on many aspects of the ductile iron castings foundry.  The upgrade changes the way Dotson utilizes sand, and will improve operations and drive quality, efficiency and environmental responsibility for decades. 

While the Dotson sand system expansion will ultimately result in better quality iron castings, the upgrade also has significant environmental implications as well.  The expansion will allow Dotson to reclaim 3,200 tons of sand annually, along with 1,300 tons of reused clay annually.  Overall, the facility will see a 70% reduction total waste with a 90% usage of recycled material.  

The expansion reinforces Dotson’s position as the leader in the foundry industry and a reliable resource for customers now and in the years to come.